Maya regularly teaches private and group classes, women technique and choreography. She is also available for workshops, special events and festivals.

Maya is known for her clear and accurate explanations, her gentle and pleasant way of teaching and her persistence to pursue the highest degree of technical excellence.

This is a small sample of endorsements from her students around the world:

 Giulia B:

“Good, sensitive, patient
determined and demanding.
Without noticing you learn to move smoothly …
the steps that seemed difficult became familiar and everything flows into the music of the tango.”

Gianni J:

“I remember this one day…
When I saw the art of the dance,
Its beauty,
Its technique,
Its passion
Becoming impersonated in a female dancer…
My first instinct was that of dancing with her…
I told myself… I am not worthy of it…
Therefore I asked her for a lesson
Of feminine technique, yes, feminine technique, I wanted to try stealing her Art…
Maya smiled..and said go for it.”

Polina R:

Maya not only has an excellent dance technique and knows well how to transmit her vast knowledge about Tango, but is also a warm and lovely person, and learning with her is lots of fun!”

Daniel A:
“Maya is a wonderful human being and an amazing teacher with extraordinary patience, attention and persistence. Being around her is a positive experience all in itself. Try one of her classes, you will be glad you did!”